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Happy New Year! (click = previous image)

Happy New Year!

This looks way better when seen bigger!

Also, there's a panorama available here.
Comments (8)
Pablo Dictter, 2013/01/01 - 01:39
Pablo Dictter, 2013/01/01 - 01:40
wicked panorama, with a neat surprised for those that have crap monitors and have to scroll to the right a lot :D
Meike Heinrichs, 2013/01/02 - 11:55
Happy New Year! Great picture! And the panorama is even better. :-)
Tobias, 2013/01/02 - 22:56
@Pablo: Oh would you please stop bothering me with that Auld Lang Syne song! :-)

@Meike: Thanks a lot! Happy New Year to you as well!
Pablo Dictter, 2013/01/02 - 23:54
toby, you make it sound like i'm spamming you every day now with it. seems there is a dark past with you two [the song that is] :)
Tobias, 2013/01/03 - 00:02
Well, you did spam me with the song on at least one other occasion/at another place. ;-) Maybe you should just do a cover of the song if you like it that much?...wait, there's a compo idea forming in my head. :-D
Pablo Dictter, 2013/01/05 - 07:27
you mean during the messenger chat? or was when i wrote the reply to the group email from a few days ago?

because if you hover over your name, you get a link as oppose to your email :D
Tobias, 2013/01/06 - 23:54
I mean during the chat. :-) I'll send you a mail about that.
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