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Rockefeller Center (click = previous image)

Rockefeller Center

Photo 1 of 4 | Final day in New York. For a last highlight, we did the "Arts and Observation" tour at Rockefeller Center (which we hadn't visited at all until now). The tour centered around the artworks on the site, but also featured plenty of architectural and historical background. Very interesting stuff. This image shows the lobby (actually the basement level and stairs up to ground floor) of 10 Rockefeller Plaza with the mural (actually just a small part of it) "History of Transportation". I've spent quite some time at Rockefeller Center before, but many of the artworks that were shown on the tour were new to me, just like this one. And as the guide said, the tour can barely scratch the surface. Major artworks are incorporated in and around all 21 buildings of the complex. You could spend days discovering all of them.
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Bastian, 2009/07/01 - 10:01
Das Motiv kommt gut raus durch die menschliche Deko da auf der Treppe. Schöner Bildausschnitt, aber sag mal, die Fliesen hast Du doch vorher selbst geputzt, oder?
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