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World Financial Center from Jersey City, NJ (click = previous image)

World Financial Center from Jersey City, NJ

Photo 4 of 4 | As always, the parting is not an easy one. This time perhaps even more so than before. We've seen and experienced a lot in these two weeks, attented fun and joyful events, met very friendly people, ate great food, criss-crossed the city on foot, rode subways, ferries, trams and taxis, defied the rain, enjoyed the sun and had a great time. And it certainly won't be the last time I am standing on these streets. New York never fails to impress and amaze me. From the minute that I stepped out of the shuttle van fourteen days ago and first tasted that well-known and peculiar smell of the air, until these final minutes before we depart to the airport tomorrow at noon, the trip has been more inspiring and fun than I could have asked for. I love the fast and chaotic rhythm of this city, its easygoing way of life, its broad mixture of inhabitants of all ethnic groups, its towering architecture, it's congestion. Culture shock will surely hit me again in Germany, as it always does after a few weeks in NY, and the only thing I can do about it is to hope that I will be able to set foot into this great city soon again. Goodbye New York, farewell and see you again!
Comments (2)
rainer, 2009/06/26 - 22:50
auch ein hammerbild
Bastian, 2009/07/01 - 10:05
Das ist ja sooooooo kitschig! Herrlich kitschig!
Wenn die Farbstimmung nicht so ins lila gehen würde, wäre das was für mein Wohnzimmer.
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