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Photo 1 of 3 | One of the special events on my last trip to New York in 2008 was the photo shooting with Marie. Marie is from Germany, but she's in the US often since her husband is American. To me, it seemed kind of a weird and crazy thing to arrange a shooting 6000 km from my home. How can you possibly top that? Well, when we realized that we'd both be here at the same time this year, we decided to meet again for a second shooting. Marie's husband Kiel assisted us and Meike shot some really cool making-of photos. Although the weather was less than optimal, we still managed to take awesome photos through smart use of the flashlight and some tricky exposure settings.

After meeting at Times Square, we took the subway to Queens and started our shooting in Gantry Plaza Park, where I also took this nightshot last year. After staying there for about an hour, we went back to Manhattan. But when we stepped out of the subway there, it had started to rain, so we sought shelter in a Starbuck's Café. We finally decided to go to our hotel for an opportunity for Marie to change her outfit. Then we shot on the street right in front of the hotel until it started to rain again.

Here are three samples from the shooting with just a bit of quick post-processing applied. Final version will be available once I get to sit down and work on the photos at home in Germany.

Big thanks to Marie, Kiel and Meike for this shooting. We had a great and fun afternoon yesterday and got some really cool photos done. And one thing I learned during this shooting is that bad weather can make for good photos as well.
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