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Lower Manhattan, NYC (click = previous image)

Lower Manhattan, NYC

Long and tiring day, just a few words. Flight was delayed by half an hour, but went smooth. The plane wasn't exactly fully booked (Stewardess: "You don't need to sit with three people in a row. Feel free to move, we've got plenty of free seats").

Since our hotel room was not quite ready, we took a walk around the area, sat down in City Hall Park and accessed the internet with our laptop via free wireless LAN provided by the city of New York.

The weather is overcast, but still warm and sticky. No good light for photos though, as you can see in the image. Weather should clear up in the next days though.

One word about the images that I post from here: The laptop display is not what you could call color-proof, so if the images' colors seem to be slighly off, blame this laptop. I might have to rework the images once I am back home.

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Comments (4)
teod, 2009/06/11 - 14:39
hey, the colours in this picture seem to be slightly off. ;)))
glad you guys had a good trip over. sounds like you had some good seating karma going. looks like it really does pay to give up your seat for grandma in the bus!
here's to your respective "good-weather" karmas ripening soon! cos' you can get lighting like that (your pic) in hamburg. no need to fly to NYNY for that! ;)
concrete critique: the guy on the pier bugs me a little. plus you should have "moved" the left pylon. it's in the way of the main vanishing point and thus becomes overly important. otherwise the picture accomplishes the task of giving the viewer that "being there" feeling very well. any more vertical and you feet would have been in the picture? ;)
teod, 2009/06/11 - 14:41
yeah, you're right.
i'm only being so critical, cos' i'm jealous of you being in NY, when i'm not. hehe.
teod, 2009/06/11 - 18:16
hey! i was just looking at the water and was wondering: is it salty or fresh? be sure to lemme know! ;D
Tobias, 2009/06/11 - 22:22
Hey, why are you posting the same stuff four times? :-) Well, I won't test the water myself, but since the East River is technically not a river but an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, I am 99,9% sure that it is salty. :-)
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