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Vernon Blvd, Queens, NYC (click = previous image)

Vernon Blvd, Queens, NYC

The reality of cities is not represented by their attractions. Though these sites represent the most famous places, real city life can only be found where people live and work. Far away from the glittering sights found in travel guidebooks, smaller in scale and sometimes even provincial, these places represent the real conditions under which a vast amount of inhabitants live. For this series, I ventured to the very edges of Manhattan, into Brooklyn and Queens, to capture street corners and scenes that might seem ordinary at first, but tell a lot about life and the urban fabric of the place, and in that exhibit their own peculiar beauty.

This photo is part of a new series called “New York City Street Corners”. See the full series at my portfolio.
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stw, 2009/03/24 - 19:28
Sehr schön, sehr schön. Finde ich viel lebendiger als zum Beispiel "2009/03/11" oder "2008/09/10". (Die haben natürlich andere Reize. Aber das hier ist: lebendig eben. So normal mittendrin halt. Und das Haus ist schief.)
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