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WTC Site, NYC (click = previous image)


Before I went to NY, I wasn't sure whether I'd shoot photos at Ground Zero at all. It just didn't feel right to snap pictures at this place of tragedy. But after a week or so in NY and after talking to New Yorkers about the attacks, I felt that people are actually much more looking forward than back. In fact, you can spend a September 11 in NY without noticing anything special, unless you intentionally head to the ceremonies that are being held all over the town.

The tall building on the right side is the new 7 World Trade Center, the first new building to rise in the area (though not actually part of the WTC site). It was designed by David Childs of Skidmore, Owings & Merill, who is also responsible for the design of 1 WTC aka the Freedom Tower. 7 WTC is a sleek and elegant building with many interesting architectural details and a glass curtain wall reflecting the sunlight in a very beautiful way. Nevertheless, the tower will lose its distinct presence on the skyline in the future: When the four new towers at the WTC site will be completed in 2012, all of them will easily surpass the 52-story tower, as seen in this official rendering.
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nadine, 2013/01/27 - 19:48
ich bekomme dennoch eine Gänsehaut bei dem Gedanken daran.. Dort gewesen zu sein, dürfte sich nicht anders anfühlen..
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