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Newark International Airport, New Jersey (click = previous image)

Newark International Airport, New Jersey

I am back from New York and I'll start with what is for me the most emotional picture: This is the view from the terminal at Newark airport – when I left New York on Saturday. There is something deeply saddening seeing the skyline of the city whose streets I had walked until just a few hours ago, but that had now become unreachable. Instead, I had to go back to my familiar place and life and leave this town behind. It took just a few days to realize what a great place New York is, and not even three weeks to fall in love, and the departure was hard. I LOVE THIS CITY SO DAMN MUCH!

I'll see you again, Big City. There's no way around that.
Comments (3)
Pablo, 2007/09/18 - 04:26
so the plane didn't crash, awesome! :-D
Pablo, 2007/09/18 - 04:30
forgot to say, it would be very cool to read about the trip.
Tobias, 2007/09/18 - 11:49
If I would start writing about the trip, I'd probably write a full book. I might write about it in one way or another actually, but I am not sure when and how. I'll probably let the pictures speak for themselves right now, with some comments thrown in if deemed appropriate.
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