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Well, I usually do not like to talk too much about my gear, but today held some kind of surprise. I received my Canon 50mm lens back from repair, which wasn't actually a repair, since the letter said that everything is fine with the lens. Those of you that I've been annoying with this story before know that the autofocus of this lens worked really bad for me. As I shot some test pics today though, I was surprised that many of them were actually good and the focus was mostly near where it was supposed to be. Since I've been shooting these with a speedlite, my only real guess is that the AF assist light emitted by the flash does greatly help the autofocus of this lens. Weird, but still: Since this is a designated portrait lens anyway, it would be okay with me. I'd hate to put this >300 € lens into a closet because it acts weird and nobody seems to be able to repair it. That would be a lot of money wasted indeed.

The lens pictured above is my new Tamron 17-50 f2.8, which replaces the kit lens and will hopefully be a great companion in New York next month. The photo was shot with the aforementioned Canon 50mm at widest aperture (f1.4), thus the really small depth of field.
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theodore, 2007/08/15 - 09:58
cool. tamron's are nice. my first non-kit lens was a used tamron. 70-210 i think. my lasting impression: solid, hi-q, AFFORDABLE lens. did you use this lens to take this picture, too? (!) ;)
Tobias, 2007/08/15 - 10:15
Of course, I quickly cloned the lens to take this shot. ;-)

Concerning the lens quality, that's my impression as well. I bought the lenses because of the reasons you wrote. They are good lenses for relatively little money. However, the optical quality doesn't match that of Canon lenses, like the lens this photo was taken with (Canon 50mm f/1.4).

All right, back to work. ;-)
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