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cathy, 2007/03/05 - 08:21
a very different view from the harbor. i think it looks like frames with different scenes, too bad the pole is in the middle, but still cool! (I can even see the city buildings)
Tobias, 2007/03/05 - 09:36
Thanks, Cathy. I think it would have been good to have the viewpoint a bit lower, so the skyline in the background would be fully in view. But then, the writing on the window couldn't be read anymore because it would have the white ship in the background, not the darker red part. So, it only worked this way. :-)
Cathy, 2007/03/05 - 16:38
you know toby, sometimes you don't have to follow the "photographer rules" I got a bunch of private messages from the freaking barb wire pic. saying it should be more down. but, when you have an statement and you like it that way, just leave it. it's your composition and if others like it or not, their problem :-D I like this picture, and the writing is nice...etc!
Tobias, 2007/03/05 - 17:42
Yes, but that framing idea was not by someone else, I got it while framing the photo, but realized it wouldn't work. So I shot this one as a compromise. I don't say it's a bad photo, not at all, but it's not quite the way I imagined it to be. :-)
Tobias, 2007/03/10 - 20:46
To my dear geneours readers: I am currently not able to update this site (or any of my sites) because I haven't been able to access my website admin tool since last week. My mail to the support has stayed unanswered until now. I hope to be able to post again soon.
- Tobias
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