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Hamburg Airport (click = previous image)

Hamburg Airport

One rather interesting side effect of the G20 summit, which will take place in Hamburg on Friday and Saturday, is that you get to see lots of special airplanes at Hamburg airport. :-) While some governments simply use their national airlines' planes, others employ designated government planes of various sizes. On the top of the list for any planespotter (I don't usually count myself as one) is of course the United States' Air Force One, which touched down at precisely 3:55pm today. After leaving the plane, the president was immediately flown into town in a convoy of no less than six helicopters, three of which being heavy U.S. Army helicopters. And just when you thought that you'd seen it all and could go home, a second Boeing 747 touched down about half an hour after the first one. The U.S. government indeed has two of these planes. Only the one that's actually carrying the president is referred to by the call sign Air Force One though.

The photo shows the second plane still on the runway immediately after landing, with the Air Force One in its parking position on the right, partly hidden by some trees.
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