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Kenji Kojima Album “Atarashii Sekai” Released! (click = previous image)

Kenji Kojima Album “Atarashii Sekai” Released!

Stop the clock and freeze the time, my new Kenji Kojima album is finally here! The album's 14 original songs span a variety of styles and feature both instrumental songs and songs with vocals. The album includes the earlier singles “Atarashii Sekai” and “Whether in London” of course. It has been described as mostly mellow, but you'll find the occasional rock song in there as well. But before we go on and lose ourselves in descriptions of the music, it's much better of experience it yourself of course. And therefore please “press to play and then repeat” and we hope you'll like it.

You can listen to the entire album on my Bandcamp page below and even better, buy the album there as MP3's for just a couple of bucks there, which is a real bargain and a great way to support my music. :-) Furthermore, the download also includes an exclusive 8-page PDF booklet with lyrics and beautiful photos.

Listen to and buy the album on Bandcamp

Here's some trivia about the album: I have been working on the songs for this album on and off over the course of the past four years. In case you're wondering why I am making music all of a sudden: I don't. :-) I've been composing and recording music in one form or another for more than 15 years now, but now is the first time that I am actually releasing some of my work to the public. I've done two other albums before this one, titled “In The Shape of Things to Come” (2003) and “Journey Odyssey” (2012). For a bit of trivia, you can find references to both albums within “Atarashii Sekai”. I used a song from “Journey Odyssey” in my video about the Hafencity Hamburg which you can see here. And then there were of course the two singles “Atarashii Sekai” (not to be confused with this album which bears the same name) and “Whether in London”, released earlier this year via Bandcamp along with music videos for the two songs (see them here and here). Both these songs are of course part of the album. They are joined by twelve other songs covering a variety of styles. You'll find electric and acoustic guitars as well as piano and cello. Mellow guitar songs shake hands with rock tunes. Give it a listen and I hope you'll like it.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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