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10 Years of Kotogoto Daily! (click = previous image)

10 Years of Kotogoto Daily!

Ten years ago to the day I uploaded the first photo on this photoblog. To celebrate this anniversary, today's photo on the blog is a recap on all 1,266 photos that I've uploaded in those 10 years in one big mosaic. In these 10 years I've posted countless photos from Hamburg of course, but also lots of impressions from other places I've visited over the years, as well as portraits, some experiments, my exhibitions and fun stuff.

It's interesting to look back now because the photos don't just show my artistic progression as a photographer, many have also become kind of historic documents by now. There are many photos of urban spaces that don't exist anymore or have changed dramatically. Looking at these photos feels a bit like time travelling.

Of course you'll realize that 1,266 photos doesn't quite mean I did daily posts for 10 years (that would be 3650 photos of course). While I indeed posted a photo every day when starting the blog, my output somewhat went down over the years. I also have other places by now that I post my photos at, like flickr and Instagram and of course my "best of" selection at my portfolio website and on my Facebook page. Still, I do update the blog more or less regularly.

Thanks a lot to everyone who has shown an interest in my photography over the years and has followed this blog or any of the other places that I post photos! I will naturally continue to do so. Hope you're still in for the ride!

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Pablo Dictter, 2016/07/11 - 21:35
man, its crazy its been 10 years already. mid 2000's doesnt feel that long to me. blurry in areas, sure, but not 10 years! i remember checking this place when you first got it going. hopefully well see 10 more years!
Tobias, 2016/07/11 - 22:06
Yeah, it doesn't feel like so long ago. And in 10 years it will be 2026. It'll be the future, man! We'll be traveling to distant planets with spaceships and stuff. Robots will clean our apartments (I hope). I can't wait!
Pablo Dictter, 2016/07/12 - 03:16
2026 sounds too futuristic. fak. i might be dead by then, which is good, but also sad because i might not make it for the 20th anniversary, unless they keep my brain alive in a complicated mess of cables and archaic machinery, then yes.

i say people should check these two dates on the daily archive - 2006-07-17 & 2012-04-29 :D
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