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Gran Canaria (click = previous image)

Gran Canaria

Comments (3)
Varun, 2006/11/26 - 13:37
Whoa! it's as if the rainbow is right before your eyes!

Are you using a different monitor or processing the pics differently? These Gran Canaria images have a slightly different look to them :)
Tobias, 2006/11/26 - 23:47
It really was right before our eyes! And it looked like you could just go to the end of the rainbow. :-) Shortly after we stopped there along the road, four or five other cars also stopped, everyone stepped out to shoot photos. Sadly some images are lost because I didn't notice there were raindrops on the lens, which show up as blurry spots in the images. :-(

No, I use the same hardware as before. Some of these images seem to have a bit less contrast than usual, right? I dunno, but I also have quite some trouble with the colors in these images, the lighting seems to be somewhat different over there than here in Germany. At least I like to pretend it's like this, for an excuse. :-)
Pablo, 2006/11/27 - 10:16
didn't you see a leprechaun around? being there a rainbow and all, maybe you could have found his secret treasure! :-D
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